2007-2020 Mercedes Sprinter Rear Door Bed Partition

Are you fed up with your bed being exposed to the elements when you open your barn doors? So was I, that's why I developed this rear bed partition for our van. This 4 season barrier has an outer layer that is weatherproof ripstop nylon, the interior is our quilted synthetic down then we add 1/2 inch of lightweight polyester insulation. The entire piece is held in place via neodymium magnets around the opening for the doors. And we attach the piece to your bed via snaps, magnets or velcro.

Add the window/ screen option for more versatility See photos


* Revel option (Revel length is long enough to cover the rear windows (27" from floor to bottom of cover)
* Standard option is a shorter cover that is Approx 40" from floor to bottom of the cover
* Insulates and regulates van temperature in hot or cold environments
* Reduces noise in the van
* Blocks out virtually all light coming from inside your van (stealth mode)
* Blocks out sunlight from outside
* Provides great privacy
* Held in place with high strength neodymium magnets
* Thinsulate insulation and synthetic down insulation
* Best insulation value on the market

* Here is a video showing how the partition with screen kit attaches https://youtu.be/ZGzIepLwxz0

If you are not completely satisfied with this product, contact me so I can fix the problem and continue to provide the best hand made window cover on the market. Because of customer feedback, we are continuing to improve our covers every day.
Everything is hand made by me in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.


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