2007-2018 Mercedes Sprinter Insulated Windshield Cover

Insulated windshield cover. This is a semirigid windshield cover made from ripstop nylon exterior and filled with Thinsulate and/or synthetic down. This cover is held in place with its stiffness and the use of the driver/ passenger visor, no need for magnets or suction cups. The cover can be folded up and held together with supplied velcro to compact storage.

*3 season cover is made from ripstop nylon and two thin layers or Thinsulate on the interior of the cover to add insulation thickness is approx 3/8"
* 4 season cover is made the same as the 3 season but we add synthetic down to the interior or the cover giving it the most insulation value of any windshield cover on the market. total thickness 1"

If you are not completely satisfied with this product, contact me so I can fix the problem and continue to provide the best hand made window cover on the market. Because of customer feedback, we are continuing to improve our covers every day.
Everything is hand made by me in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Dark Gray
Olive green

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Type: Window Covers

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